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12902 Bothell-Everett Hwy
Everett, WA, 98208

Phone  425-669-1456     


Studio Director:



First Day Back! 

TODAY is the first day of Fall classes! We had a great Open House Party last night and have already wait listed some popular classes! Come on in to the studio or call us at 425-669-1456 to enroll. As always, you can email us at


Open House

Join us Tuesday, September 2nd from 4-7pm at Vibe's Annual Open House.  Our staff will be here to answer questions, give tours of the studio and register dancers for classes.  We will have games, raffles and door prizes!  There will be a FREE hip hop class 4:30-5:30pm and performances by our Company members at 6pm. We look forward to seeing you!  


Studio Closures

For the 2014-2015 dance season, Vibe will follow the Snohomish School District Calendar for Holiday and inclimate weather closures.


Fall Classes at Vibe

The Fall class schedule for the 2014-2015 school year has been added to the website. Check it out and call the studio at 425-669-1456 to enroll and ensure your dancer's spot! You can also email us with any questions you may have at 

See you soon and happy dancing! 


Company Dances for the 2014-2015 Season 

Mini Jazz Solo (Stephanie) - Ella D

Mini Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Solveig 

Mini Lyrical Duo (Stephanie) - Lucy Belle, Madison 

Mini Lyrical Duo (Stephanie) - Ella D, Solveig

Mini Jazz Trio (Stephanie) - Ella D, Solveig, Senna 

Mini Hip Hop Small Group (Coleen) - Ella D, Solveig, Kate, Teddy, Lilly 

Mini Ballet Small Group (Rachel) - Lucy Belle, Madison, Ella D, Solveig, Kate, Keona, Senna, Lilly

Mini Jazz Large Group (Stephanie) - Ava, Lucy Belle, Madison, Ella D, Isabella, Solveig, Kate, Keona, Ari, Senna, Alyssa, Lilly, Emma R, Nick, Delaney

Mini Lyrical Large Group (Stephanie) - Ava, Lucy Belle, Madison, Ella D, Isabella, Solveig, Kate, Keona, Ari, Senna, Alyssa, Payton, Lilly, Emma R, Delaney 

Junior Jazz Solo (Stephanie) - Ari

Junior Jazz Solo (Stephanie) - Senna 

Junior Jazz Solo (Stephanie) - Alyssa 

Junior Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Payton

Junior Hip Hop Solo (Albee) - Christiana

Junior Jazz Solo (Stephanie) - Isa

Junior Hip Hop Solo (Albee) - Delaney

Junior Hip Hop Solo (Albee) - Ella M

Junior Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Natalie

Junior Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Matti 

Junior Jazz Duo (Stephanie) - Isa, Katie

Junior Lyrical Duo (Stephanie) - Natalie, Matti 

Junior Tap Duo (Stephanie) - Keona, Ari

Junior Hip Hop Duo (Albee) - Isa, Alexis

Junior Hip Hop Trio (Albee) - Ari, Payton, Gianna

Junior Jazz Trio (Stephanie) - Ari, Payton, Alyssa

Junior Tap Trio (Stephanie) - Christiana, Katie, Ainsley

Junior Ballet Trio (Rachel) - Nick, Matti, Katie

Junior Hip Hop Small Group (Coleen) - Ari, Christiana, Emma R, Maceon, Isa, Delaney, Ainsley, Alexis, Suin 

Junior Lyrical Small Group (Stephanie) - Christiana, Ella M, Isa, Natalie, Matti, Katie, Jadyn, Cassie

Junior Jazz Small Group (Stephanie) - Ari, Christiana, Ella M, Isa, Natalie, Matti, Katie, Jadyn 

Junior Tap Small Group (Stephanie) - Christiana, Isa, Natalie, Katie, Ainsley, Jadyn, Cassie

Teen Jazz Solo (Stephanie) - Katie 

Teen Tap Solo (Stephanie) - Ainsley

Teen Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Jadyn

Teen Jazz Solo (Stephanie) - Dalena

Teen Jazz Solo (Stephanie) - Cassie

Teen Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Emma C

Teen Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Ashley 

Teen Tap Solo (Stephanie) - Kailey

Teen Jazz Duo (Stephanie) - Dalena, Emma C 

Teen Lyrical Duo (Stephanie) - Katie, Cassie

Teen Hip Hop Group (Coleen) - Ella M, Suin, Gianna, Ashley, Carmen, Sabrina, Maggie

Teen Tap Group (Stephanie) - Ainsley, Ashley, Kailey, Katelyn, Sabrina, Maggie

Teen Jazz Group (Stephanie) - Dalena, Cassie, Emma C, Ashley, Katelyn, Sabrina, Maggie

Teen Lyrical Group (Stephanie) - Natalie, Matti, Dalena, Emma C, Ashley, Katelyn, Sabrina, Maggie

Senior Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Katelyn 

Senior Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Sabrina

Senior Lyrical Solo (Stephanie) - Maggie

Senior Tap Solo (Stephanie) - Maggie 

Senior Lyrical Duo (Stephanie) - Katelyn, Sabrina

Senior Lyrical Duo (Stephanie) - Ashley, Maggie

Senior Jazz Duo (Stephanie) - Ashley, Maggie