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And the winner is……..

ISABELLA ESTRADA has won the iPod Touch for Bring A Friend Week. Congrats, Bella! We're all so happy for you! 


Bring A Friend Week at Vibe

Today is the first day of Bring A Friend Week at Vibe! Bring a friend (or 2...or 10!) to dance class Monday, November 18th through Saturday, November 23rd and your name will be entered in a drawing for an iPod Touch for every friend you bring. If that friend enrolls in classes, you will have your name entered AGAIN! We will announce the winner of the iPod Touch raffle on Sunday the 24th.


Cinderella Final Casting

After an arduous Audition Week, Vibe Dance Studio is proud to announce its cast for the debut of its first ever half-production, Cinderella. We would like to extend a thank you to all of the young men and women of the ballet program who have worked tirelessly for their desired roles. Please share with us in our excitement and anticipation as we create the tale of an enchanting classic, Cinderella. Listed below are the roles and names of the final casting.


Cinderella 2014

   Final Casting

Cinderella:            Maggie Clarke

     Prince Charming:            David Bachler

                                   Fairy Godmother:            Ashley Chartrand

                                      Lady Tremaine:            Sabrina Lieu

                                              Anastasia:            Madison Stauffer

                                                 Drizella:            Willow Wilson

                                          Spring Fairy:            Natalie Conover

                                       Summer Fairy:            Katherine Eike

                                        Autumn Fairy:            Emma Cole

                                          Winter Fairy:            Victoria Mauch

                                          Dress Maker:            Katelyn Williams

                                          Hair Dresser:            Sela Hocker

                                           Grand Duke:            Nick Clarke

                                       Carriage Driver:            Alex Mauch

                                Carriage Coachman:            William Mauch

                          The Prince’s Attendants:            Joseph Tua, Michael Tua

                                              Fairy Dust:            Primary A

                                                      Birds:            Primary B

                                                       Mice:            Primary C

                                         Little Maidens:            Level 1A

                                                     Pixies:            Level 1B

                                      Eligible Maidens:            Level 2A, Teen Ballet

                                                    Fairies:            Level 2B


Cinderella Ballet Screening

Today's classical ballet screening of CINDERELLA will be from 3:30-5:30pm. As always, it is open for all dancers to attend. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to educate themselves on the ballet, as this is the Ballet Production Rachel Bachler has chosen for Vibe's June Recital.


Thank You!

Happy Veterans Day to all of the men and women who have served and currently serve today. We appreciate all you've done for our country and are thankful for the sacrifices you and your family have made.

Vibe is open today for classes. 

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